Cacá Diegues (Director)

“It’s a pleasure to work with Mistika. Even more than that - each time when Sica kicks in on a production of ours, it turns into a learning opportunity of immense quality. We end up making films only to be able to have the experience of working with Mistika.”

Vicente Amorim (Director)

“I was once asked during an interview if we have the technical infrastructure to make movies with complex visual effects in Brazil, if we are on the same level of international productions, my answer was “of course”. This answer is in perfect tune with the work Mistika does, with everything we have accomplished together. Talent and creativity, skills, collaboration and delivery.”

David Schurmann (Director)

“I’ve been working with Mistika for many years now because here my ideas are always possible and realized. Besides having an extreme care for quality during the finalization of the films, Mistika makes me feel at home, with a humanized customer service that understands directors and producers alike.”

Daniela Busoli (Formata Produções)

“Our experience with Mistika was the best possible one! Not only their proficiency, their knowledge and management of different points of view for the sake of the best result also deserve praise. Our first film, Os Parças, was the first of many others that we hope to realize with Sica!”

Leonardo Lessa (Formata Produções)

“Sica was more than a partner! From the beginning he understood our needs and, above all, our limitations. More than a service provider, he was a consultant, a lecturer and a guru. He taught me and made me feel welcomed. He was also generous with us: put everything he had on the table, shared his expertise, suppliers and opinions. Always present, especially during major crises. He extends this generosity, commitment and high spirits over all Mistika. A company that has become both a partner and a reference for all of us here!”