An associate of Academia Brasileira de Cinema (ABC), member of Associação Brasileira de Cinematografia and of Visual Effects Society, São Paulo-born Marcelo Siqueira, ABC (also known as SICA) is one of the most renowned Post-Production and Visual Effects specialists on the industry.


Siqueira was an editor for Casablanca Filmes Ltda., where he eventually developed the entertainment hub TeleImage, which at the time became the largest post-production company for feature films in Latin America, directing a team of over 400 people.


A visionary and an innovator, Sica developed his own project management system. He pioneered the use of digital finalization technology in Brazil, working with 2K and 4K images since 2000. He also pioneered the technology of DCP (Digital Cinema Package) which allowed the replacement of 35mm films by digital servers in Brazilian theaters.


Always tuned to new technologies, in 2009 Siqueira expanded his knowledge in stereoscopic 3D in Canada, co-producing the first 3D feature film in Brazil, Brasil Animado.


In 2011 he founded Mistika Post and has an extensive background on post-production and effects in hundreds of feature films.


During his career, Siqueira received a total of 12 nominations on Grande Prêmio do Cinema Brasileiro, being honoured with two Best Visual Effects awards in 2010 (The Assailant) and 2017 (Little Secret) respectively.


Recently, believing in a major change in real-world relationships with new technologies, Sica launched WEEZEE VR, a new venture exclusively focused on immersive projects in Virtual and Augmented Reality, developing projects for brands such as Honda, Phillips, Citroen, Escape 60, Fox Sports, Volkswagen, MAN, and many others, in less than 6 months.


Ariadne Mazzetti has been working on the audiovisual industry in the area of post-production since 2004. She was the Customer Service Lead at TeleImage (company of the Casablanca group) from 2004 to 2007 and Commercial Manager of Estudios Mega from 2008 and 2011. Since the foundation of Mistika Post she is the partner director alongside Supervisor of Visual Effects Marcelo Siqueira.


Through Mistika Prize, Mazzetti annually promotes the audiovisual market, rewarding with post-production services the winning films of the festivals she supports. About 25 festivals and exhibitions are held every year, and the ones that take place in the regions of the so-called “Conexão Audiovisual Centro-Oeste, Norte e Nordeste” (CONNE) and “Fórum Audiovisual- Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo e Sul/Paraná, Santa Catarina e Rio Grande do Sul” (FAMES) are the most encouraged. Mazzetti also contributes to these festivals by participating in conversations and discussions with local producers and at times as a jury member.


An executive producer on the documentary “Looking at the Stars” (2017), feature film “Pacarrete” (2019), reality show “Prova de Noiva” (2019, Discovery Home And Health Channel), Mazzetti currently works on the development of the documental series “O Caso Escola Base” (directed by Paulo Henrique Fontenelle) and the feature film “O Menino de Asas” (directed by David Schurmann).


She is the co-producer of the movies “Canastra Suja” (directed by Caio Sóh), Motorrad (directed by Vicente Amorim), “Por Trás do Céu” (Caio Sóh) and animation film “Lino” (directed by Rafael Ribas). She is also a co-producer on “Little Secret”, a feature film by David Schurmann, nominated to the Oscars in 2016.


Since 2017 she is the director of União Nacional da Infraestrutura Cinematográfica (UNINFRA), an association that protects the interests of the audiovisual infrastructure.


In 2018 Mazzetti participated in the committee for the selection of the 1st Edital de Cinema (feature films of animation, fiction and docs) of city of Niterói.


At the present she is the Project Consultant for Selo Elas, an initiative by Elo Company which promotes films directed by women, and member of the Fórum Brasileiro pelos Direitos Culturais, a multisectoral, collaborative and purposeful movement formed by various professionals in the area of Cultural Management in Brazil and abroad.