Founded in 2011 and administered by siblings Marcelo Siqueira and Ariadne Mazzetti, MISTIKA has carried out more than 100 projects for Cinema and Television since its inception.


The founding partners of the company possess two decades of expertise dedicated to audiovisual projects, leading a team of highly qualified and talented people who make MISTIKA one of the most respected post-production companies in Brazil.


Every year, MISTIKA supports dozens of movie festivals and LABs across Brazil, stimulating the dissemination and the high technical quality of national productions.


At MISTIKA the client will find simple and secure solutions for realizing their projects, as well as a welcoming, laid back environment that feels just like home.


Centered on the passion of its members for the audiovisual world, MISTIKA is fully committed to the magic of Transforming:


Transforming Ideas into Projects; Raw Materials into Award-Winning Productions; Clients into Friends.